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"Aswini Homeopathy our goal is to serve our patients by educating and treating each of their individual needs."
At Aswini Homeopathy our goal is to serve our patients by educating and treating each of their individual needs and to help them get relief from their state of discomfort and anxiety. We thank you for visiting Aswini Homeopathy. We hope you find the information on this site useful. Please feel free to contact us with your problems or queries at details given in this site and we will get back to you at the earliest.


Balancing and activating chakras with Homeopahy


Harmonious functioning of chakras (Energy Centers) leads to the complete balance in health, Disharmonious functioning of energy centers leads to the diseases in that specific organ...


The word chakra in Sanskrit means wheel. The ancient yogis identified seven main wheels of energy located along the spine. These wheels of energy are called chakras and the yoga postures were given to stimulate and activate these energy centres. Each chakra is said to have a corresponding endocrine gland which it acts upon to revitalise the body. Simultaneously each chakra relates to a different aspect of our psyche and when in balance can bring about mental transformation.

For example the base chakra themes are grounding and security the sacral chakra themes are relationship issues and sexuality; the solar plexus themes are personal power and confidence; the heart themes are love and compassion; the throat chakra themes are self expression and creativity; the brow chakra are intuition and mental clarity and the crown is spirituality.

This ancient knowledge has come into popular awareness and many mind, body disciplines recognise the importance of working to balance and align the chakras to bring about optimum vitality and liberate the mind for higher purposes.


Aswini Homeopathy and Integrative Medicine treatment helps to balance and activate energy centers in the human body.

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